Bonus Points


Enter a magic school with a heavy dose of regional flavour – one that swishes in batik and kebaya, instead of the usual robes and wands!

Benjamin Chee

Ayu knew tests are hard at Shamanic School, but are they supposed to be... life-threatening?!

Currently a student at the region’s Shamanic School, Ayu is taking a scheduled standardised test. She has to demonstrate she can banish a monster on her own. Unbeknownst to her, she had been sent to the wrong test site. Her target, instead of a monster suitable for her class’s standard, is a huge, gigantic monster that towers over her…

What can she do? She isn't strong enough to take on the monster on her own! Read on to find out more!

To worry is normal, buckling under pressure is normal, but hopefully one can still try to find that bit of strength to keep trying, one step at a time.

“What if Hermoine didn’t need Harry or Ron to save her?” Benjamin talks about creating “Bonus Points” for a younger audience, as a piece of positive encouragement that allows them to to overcome their trials with the knowledge that can accrue.

Rooted in the various legends of Southeast Asia, where magic serves as protection against the supernatural, “Bonus Points” weaves tradition into with the rich fabrics and visuals of SEA, giving a different angle to the typical magic school story.

DID YOU KNOW? The costumes and armour used in “Bonus Points” are inspired by ones from medieval India and ancient Thailand!

Benjamin Chee is a game artist who creates comics on the side. His first self-published comic, Charsiew Space (2014), is a story about smugglers in spaceships cooking forbidden pork. He has created six other titles since then, and has also been featured in anthologies such as LONTAR Issue #5, Liquid City Vol. 3, and Asian Monsters.

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